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My Real Estate Investing Journey

What is Wealth? Wealth is not a dirty word, synonymous with greed or gluttony. My definition of wealth is an abundance of something or even of many things, that are of great value to the one benefitting from their existence or use.  This can mean money or material items like cars or cottages. BUT, this can also mean health, freedom of time, peace of mind and even love. I want to be wealthy – but in the ways that mean the most and create the most value to ME.

Chris Rock put it best when he said;

“Wealth is not about having a lot of money, it is about having a lot of options.”

While many will tell us as the old saying goes: money cannot buy you happiness, I know for certain that it can provide me with possibilities, options, opportunities, and choices that can help me build my own happiness. Money can, and does, lead to the down fall of many – just look at how many lottery winners are in a worse position years after their windfall than they were before receiving this huge influx of cash. The difference here, as Gary Keller would say, is whether you’re a consumer or an investor. In my mind, it does come down to something as simple as that.

A Consumer will buy those material items, specifically items that depreciate and provide only a short term value. An Investor will buy those things that generate cash flow or experiences that can be built upon and grow in value. The Consumer approach can feel very rewarding and lavish in the short term…but leaves us with little in the long term and certainly does not allow one to build true wealth.

 The Investor approach allows for stores of wealth and for wealth to be built. Warren Buffet put it very simply but bluntly at the same time: If you don’t find a way for your money to work for you, you will work until you die. While a Consumer is having a blast, they continue to deplete funds and often will run out because it is often an unsustainable lifestyle.

On the other hand, the Investor will usually progress towards a deeper and more formative wealth that comes with building something, growing a business, creating a legacy, or designing a life or lifestyle that holds true and honours what they value the most. They build something that is sustainable and can be grown.

So how do I/you/we/anyone create wealth?

There are many options – but the primary option I favour is real estate investing. I sat down with my husband roughly 5 years ago, I can remember it very vividly, and we asked ourselves what we pictured our perfect life to look like. At the time we were essentially newlyweds but to us the main themes that jumped out were children, travel, freedom of time, fitness, adventure, and control of our daily schedules.

Also, we wanted the flexibility to change our minds and take a totally different direction if our passions took us somewhere else. We visualized that perfect life and worked backwards to see what needed to be done to achieve the life as quickly as possible. We consumed information at a wicked rate from books to blogs to podcasts to seminars – and this is where we decided conclusively that real estate investing was one, if not the key to achieving our goals.

It took us only a few months of this research to go from “maybe real estate is the key” to purchasing our first investment property…then fast forward and we purchased 5 properties in our first year, three of which required major renovations, and having our daughter. It was a whirlwind of a year and honestly the most happy and amazing year that any of us could have imagined.

Top this all off with winning Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s Top Investor Award for Newcomer of the Year in 2016. That was an amazing honour and a complete surprise for us. We hadn’t thought we would have a chance given we did this all as two people with no real estate background and no inheritance or money gifted. We were truly self-made in this business. Still, that was not the biggest win of the year. Of course, starting our family was the major win of the year. But we did that while also creating and growing something that has now more than doubled in value and created a net worth that we honestly never would have imagined.

And, although we have not kept the same pace as that first year, we’ve continued to grow steadily to 15 doors (at the time that I’m writing this) and survived some interesting times in the market, the weather, and some very interesting tenants. I sincerely wouldn’t change any of it, good or bad, because by my calculation I’m about 60% of the way to my perfect future and making that future my present…and we’re just 5 years into this and a whole lot more savvy and smart than when we started. Truly with each passing day I’m stronger, better, wiser, and more resilient. If I’m being truly honest, my dream future has become even more amazing than what we had imagined 5 years ago….because now I truly know that with action, hard work, great teams, and knowledge I can have any future I desire.

It all started with REAL ESTATE!

I was not raised as an entrepreneur. I was not taught how to renovate homes and not so long ago I didn’t understand how mortgages work, not how I really should have appreciated and understood them anyway. I was not handed a windfall or inheritance. I simply took one step, and then another, and then another. I continued to educate myself and to work hard.

I don’t discredit my upbringing but instead praise it. My family and upbringing were and are crucial to my current success. A handout would not have led me here. What I was taught was to save, to not live beyond my means, to always work hard, to learn and educate myself, to expect a lot of myself, and to be okay to go outside my comfort zone. I thank my family for who I am at my core. I have created wealth because of those core values and my ability to take action – not by any amazing scheme or luck.

So, is this a story that resonates with you?

Is this the type of story that, if it were yours, would have you looking back with pride and resolve in the steps you’ve taken to secure the wealth that you most value?

Do you want to generate wealth?

If so, you are amazing and I would LOVE to hear about your plans and journey this far. I would also love to be a part of it by helping you continue the path. If you’re not sure or don’t think it’s the right fit…I’d love to hear why, because generating wealth one door at a time is something that may take you places you never even imagined.

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