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In The Media

Real Talk Real Estate Radio Podcast

This is a podcast interview I did with Rene Masse from Real Talk Real Estate Radio. Click the image below to listen.

Durham Real Estate Investment Club

This is an interview my husband and I did with Quentin D’Souza, the Chief Education Officer of the Durham Real Estate Investment Club. Click the image below to watch.

Investor Smarts Podcast- Episode 3

Episode Info

Anita has a great story of the transition between being an employee to being self-employed. Anita works as both a Chiropractor and a Realtor. She has some great tips on how to manage a busy life including 2 careers, real estate investing & being a mom. Click the image below to listen.

The REITE Club podcast- Episode #48

Listen to Anita on the REITE Club podcast, as she shares some key things that all real estate investors should look out for when considering an investment property.


Through our tours and other events you’ll have an opportunity to meet other like-minded people; others who are looking to grow wealth for an amazing future. You will meet aspiring, beginner and seasoned investors alike. You will meet those who are increbily hands-on and those who pride themselves in being incredibly hands-off. Many an interesting conversation or even exciting partnership are made on one of our tours! At the very least, you’re likely to meet someone or learn one thing that you felt you were missing on your team or with your strategy.

Ongoing Support

I may be a Realtor (R) but that doesn’t mean my work ends when your deal is firm, or even when it closes. Being a seasoned investor myself, I’m happy to support my clients however I can as they progress through each project and new investment. For clients that work with us, we openly share our lease documents and other templates forms and letters. It is in both your and my best interest for you to have your best experience with your investment properties.

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